1. Integrated water resource management
  2. Irrigation based systems
  3. Aquaponics, Aquaculture and hydroponics farming
  4. Rain (flood) water harvesting technologies and skills
  5. Biogas technologies and application
  6. Disaster risk reduction concepts and approaches
  7. Ground water recharge
  8. Ground Water Technologies and skills
  9. Water Quality and Supply
  10. Training and policy Review
  11. Write shops

Water Governance Institute is in the process of opening new programs. These programs shall be communicated when management is ready.


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Water Governance Ins
SWFF Monitoring & Evaluation team visiting some of the WGI's aquaponics farming beneficiaries in the districts of Hoima, Kampala & Kamuli.
Water Governance Ins
Aquaponics Turns Semi- Arid Adjumani into AFish &Vegs Secure Zone One of the beneficiaries said "she would rather k… https://t.co/n0uh4PBwS4
Water Governance Ins
Ms Nora from Adjumani District testifies about aquaponics crop benefits ... https://t.co/5SBjwvvPtM via @YouTube
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