WGI Consultacy areas include the following

•    Rain (flood) Water Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge

•    Water Quality, supply and Sanitation

•    Hydropower Analysis

•    Water – Extractive Industries’ (oil , Gas &minerals) interaction

•    Biogas Energy Promotion

•    Aquaculture (Fish Farming)

•    Irrigation-based Production

•    Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

•    Climate Change Assessment and Disaster Risks Reduction

•    Policy, Basic and Action Research


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Water Governance Ins
SWFF Monitoring & Evaluation team visiting some of the WGI's aquaponics farming beneficiaries in the districts of Hoima, Kampala & Kamuli.
Water Governance Ins
Aquaponics Turns Semi- Arid Adjumani into AFish &Vegs Secure Zone One of the beneficiaries said "she would rather k… https://t.co/n0uh4PBwS4
Water Governance Ins
Ms Nora from Adjumani District testifies about aquaponics crop benefits ... https://t.co/5SBjwvvPtM via @YouTube
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