Call to adopt mining values and principles in East Africa

Artisanal gold miners at a mine in Olini, Migori, Kenya. Across Africa, communities have been sidelined in giving their input before consent is given and a mining license issued. PHOTO | AMANDA FISHER 


East African Community countries have been challenged to fully adopt African Mining Vision (AMV) principles and values that outline transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources in the region.

The AMV, which was formally adopted by African heads of state in 2009, has not achieved its target as member countries are struggling with illicit financial flows, lack of mineral value addition and poverty among communities living in mining areas.

Regional civil society organisations initiated a project to push the East African Legislative Assembly to adopt the AMV values that call for free prior informed consent and transparency in mining agreements and revenues accrued from extractives, among other principles.

The Natural Resources Alliance of Kenya, Uganda-based Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) and Tanzania’s Haki Madini have partnered to popularise the document.

Haki Madini programme officer Oliver Balilo said there is a need to educate communities where minerals have been discovered before they give consent.

Source:The East African 

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