WGI holds A Stakeholders Meeting To Disseminate Research Findings On Mining Industry Compliance To Social And Environmental Safeguards In Uganda

WGI has been implementing a 2-year (2015 – 2017) project on “Promoting Mining Industry Compliance to Social and Environmental Safeguards in Uganda”, a project funded by Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI) and Open Society Institute for East Africa (OSIEA).The main objective of the project is to promote social and environmental safeguards amidst mineral development.

The project was implemented in the districts of Hoima, Mubende and Moroto. The project comprised of two broad components i.e. one to evaluate existing policy, legal and institutional frameworks’ ability to deliver safeguards and benefits to society, the economy, the environment[1] and politics of local communities and the country as a whole.

The second component involved testing the levels of Mercury, Cyanide, Arsenic, Aluminium and Lead pollution in soils and water in proximity to mining operations to determine the potential risks this could have on the people directly and indirectly involved in mining operations and those living in proximity to mining areas, including the surrounding biodiversity.

The project was premised on a number of aspirations and expected best practices in the mining sector including the “need for a clean and healthy environment for people”; and “the need to promote development that does not disenfranchise the affected people” It was on this basis that this project was designed to assess the levels of mining industry compliance to social and environmental safeguards and to determine whether there are, indeed, cases of violations or policy-legal implementation challenges that need to be addressed going forward

WGI conducted a stakeholders meeting to disseminate research findings on the mining industry compliance to social and environmental safeguards in Uganda on 29th August 2017 at Hotel Africana .The minister of state for energy and minerals graced the event and gave opening remarks..


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