Part of Mr. Henry Bazira's, the Executive Director WGI comments after the talk show.


I actually did not know that it came out like this. Now I understand why the President had to write a press statement in today's paper trying to exonerate himself and attacking "pseudo civil societies". I even tempted to respond to his statement in the paper, because it is a direct attack on civil society and giving an impression that we are enemies of the State, which is not the case. We are just helping him understand his wrongs. For him to give the examples of history, the renaissance creed of the Christians, which was actually done to restore the place of the Roman Catholic church among a laity that were largely shifting into Protestantism and not address the issues of today is a misinformation and a deception


Listen and watch the whole talk show;

Water Governance Institute joined a group of national and international civil society organizations to petition UNESCO and the government of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from opening up the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Virunga National Park in the respective countries for mining and petroleum exploitation because these World Heritage Sites protected under the international convention to which the two countries are signatories. This petition has also brought to the fore evidence that mining and petroleum exploitation in this regions is likely to threaten an endangered Okapi Giraffe species that resides in the forests of eastern DRC bordering Uganda on the west

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We’ve today officially launched the ten-year IUCN/ICCN Okapi Conservation

Strategy and Status Review. 


and  (

The UK’s Guardian newspaper has written a great article - we hope to get further press coverage via the BBC World Service (listen out for a programme on Sunday morning) and across the region – IUCN are translating into French.

Civil Society Organisations and individuals in Uganda stop government from compulsorily taking citizens' land for oil & gas industry investments without prior payment of compensation and resettlement of oil-project-affected persons.

This was achieved through a Court Ruling. We hope this ruling will also provide an opportunity to correct an anomaly in the Petroleum Exploration and Production Act 2013 that does not allow people to make claims for land damaged or encroached upon by oil industry operations, including spillage, except for crops, animals and infrastructure that might be on such a land. Read more


Source: New vision

"Water Governance Institute (WGI) was part of a team of national and international non-governmental organisations that petitioned UNESCO/ World Heritage Center sometime back over the planned exploration and exploitation of oil resources in the Ngagi block that traverses the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is now welcome news that oil firms are shying away from exploring and/or exploiting oil resources in this region, because of World Heritage significance. are, however, unconfirmed reports that Uganda Government is determined, in spite of this, to go ahead with plans to explore and exploit oil resources/reserves in this protected area. If these reports turnout to be true, it will be a shame on Uganda and will depict the Uganda government a rogue that has no respect for international protocols, conventions and treaties/agreements, live alone its own national laws"

Reports are rife in the media and public domain about the poor and inadequate compensation and resettlement of communities and individuals that are (or likely) to be involuntarily displaced by immerging oil and gas industry.

This is not a new phenomenon in the extractive sectors word wide.  Such cases are common even though they flout accepted international best practices. Unfortunately, governments world-over have connived with the investors to disenfranchise their citizens. This often triggers conflict and wars.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the Banyoro people are intending to sue government for depriving them of their legal right to land as evidenced in Uganda’s local newspaper New Vision of Friday 20th September 2013 article below. Governments worldwide need to promote pro-poor people development and not only the interest of investors and multinational corporations.


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