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On the 27th July 2017,WGI held a community meeting at Rapona Hotel,Moroto district, to disseminate research findings on gold mining industry compliance to social and environmental safeguards in Uganda .Around 34 people participated in the meeting including artisan miners ,local government officials such as the RDC  and representatives of local CBO’s.


WGI's  Extractives Officer Ms. Diana Taremwa (lady in black attire ) at one of the sites

On the 17th and 18th of September 2018 ,WGI a member  of the civil society coalition on oil and gas joined other coalition members on a field visit to investigate compliance of the Tilenga project to social and environmental safeguards.

The project which covers much of Buliisa,Nwoya and Hoima districts includes 412 oil wells planned to be drilled,110km feeder pipleline and several Central processing units.

Several issues of non -compliance were observed as well good practices. Among the places visited were King Fisher oil field operated by CNOOC in Hoima  ,Kasamene 1 oil production well plus CPF’s that will be operated by Total E&P in Buliisa ,Enviro Serve waste treatment facility in Nyamasoga ,Hoima  that will be treating most of the waste from exploration and production of oil and gas and finally the area planned for construction of the Hoima International Airport through which  most of the cargo for the oil and gas industry will be transported.




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On the 17th and 18th of September 2018 ,WGI a member of the civil society coalition on oil and gas joined other co…
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