Press Statements

Over 60 environmental and tourism groups demand stop to new oil drilling threat to Africa’s oldest national park
Global plan aims to save elusive okapi from extinction
Uganda’s Petroleum Bills/Laws are a recipe for revenue, social and environment Abuse
Why Uganda’s new Mining Law and Policy Should Be Gender Responsive
The Paradox of Assuring Water Access, Utility and Purity in Uganda
Civil Society Statment on Panama leaks and tax treaties-Revised_KB.doc-Final-Shared-07-04-16
ActionAid - Levelling Up - Ensuring fair share tax poor countries - July...
World Bank warns government on shoddy infrastructure projects.
Safeguarding the Extractive Industry in Uganda
Oil refinary Compensations almost Complete
Sh 3b Majanji fish Plant die
Press Statement on Tax Holidays in Uganda
CSO position on tax incentives in Uganda
Civil Society Position on Tax Incentives in Uganda
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RT @TaremwaD: along with vegetables from the grow-bed. She ate some of the catfish &tomatoes at home, took some 2 market, earning USD 612…
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RT @TaremwaD: Ms. Proscovia Rujumba recognized the opportunity and set out to farm fish in Hoima. Initially, she didn’t do as well as she’d…
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